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Our Story

Before Novo, our founders ran a highly successful water filtration business in Italy, where they gained invaluable experience in the industry. However, they soon realized not everyone could afford to invest in a household water filtration system, leaving many people to consume unfiltered water from contaminant-packed plastic and invite damage to their health and the environment. 

Recognizing an urgent need for change to avoid finding ourselves in deep water, our founders created Novo - your go-to for convenient smart water bottles that support a wide range of healthy, eco-conscious lifestyles. So, whether you’re a college student constantly on the go, a mother with several mouths to feed, or an office employee looking to adopt healthier habits, we give you the resources to obtain great-tasting water wherever, whenever.

Our team of industry experts works hard to deliver top-quality products that never fail to perform. We conduct extensive research to discover the best practices and create solutions that actually work for you. By designing our products for real people rather than hypothetical profits, we ensure they fit seamlessly into your everyday life, making the right choices second nature.

Lifetime Warranty

To help spread the power of sterilized water, our bottles are built to last a lifetime.

30-Days Return

Anything you purchase is eligible for a return and refund within 30 days

Carbon Neutral

For every sale we donate a percentage of proceeds to support carbon neutrality

100% honest reviews.

Trust our science, but verify with feedback from our real, honest raving fans.